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Three Reasons to Never Use Winter Tires in Summer

Summer roads and snow tires are not a perfect match.  These tires are designed to have their best grip on ice and not on hot roads. Thus, to ensure your safety while driving in the summer, use summer tires. If you are like other people who drive their vehicle with the same tires the entire year, you should stop this habit.

Keep in mind that winter tires are made for rugged winter conditions. These tires are made out of rubber which is a little more flexible than summer tire rubbers. Such flexibility lets snow tires adjust to snow and icy surfaces. Also, their tread patterns are a little deeper to ensure their ability to grip in winter conditions. So here are the main reasons you should not use snow tires in the summer:

Snow Tires Wear Down Easier in Warm Temperatures

Snow tires do not like to travel warm and sunny highways. Warm temperatures are not ideal for them so they tend to easily wear down when you use them. But, these tires work perfectly in getting through ice and snow. They are expected to last 2-3 winter seasons; however, they won’t last this long when you use them all year round.

They Reduce your Vehicle’s Performance in Summer

As a driver, you want to watch for obstacles while driving and react to them quickly. Your vehicle can make quick responses through your steering which is directly influenced by your tires. Snow tires are a little softer so they can adjust to the rugged terrain of winter conditions. But, during summer, such softness will make it impossible for you to quickly react to obstacles on the road. The average difference in braking distance between winter and summer tires is 1.5 meters in summer conditions. During wet conditions, such distance can go up to 4 meters.

Help you Save Money

Getting your tires changed when summer hits can save you money in the long run. Otherwise, you will be spending more money as your snow tires wear down easily in the summer.

Moreover, not using snow tires in summer will also help you save on the fuel. Such saving translates to less expense for you. Summer tires are made of sturdier rubber which will keep them hard. This lets them rotate easier, thus, the engine needs to work less to keep your vehicle rolling. When your engine works less, you will burn less fuel.

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